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Peaceful Heart

$ 11.00 USD

Helps to ease feelings of anxiety and restlessness. Good for grief, PMS and panic attacks.

Contains: Oat Flowers, Motherwort and Skullcap

This DWH product has a rich and deep history and has been a best friend to many for decades. The formulation is spot-on and was born to fill a deep need. I was 28 and trying to figure out life, torn in many directions and searching for both grounding and lifting. After an anxiety attack, this formula was created while on a road trip (always a metaphor for the journey) filled with both stress and growth. People count on this tincture. You might find it useful if you are experiencing angst, aren’t able to focus, or need grounding. Do you desire strength to face confrontation? Motherwort, one of the primary ingredients, grows abundantly and is a massive plant. This mother herb wraps her arms around you…its all ok, slows and moderates heart rate, and takes tension around the heart and solar plexus and diffuses it. Wild oat, in it's milky stage, nourishes the nervous system, and the mildly sweet taste is comforting. Skullcap helps restore nerves themselves, aiding the myelin sheath around the nerves in recovery. Of course, you’ve heard the expression ‘frayed nerves’. They are a real thing.

Peaceful Heart is a standard in the shop. People come back for it, year after after, because life is daunting, and we could all use a little more peace and herbal reassurance.


Carry it in your purse or keep it at work for relief! 1 oz is a great travel size, but you will also want to  keep it on your kitchen counter for a calming dose whenever needed.


I just discovered Peaceful Heart while going through a very stressful time in my life. The soothing, calming effect is almost instant. It is now my go-to anytime I fell anxious or have a stressful day. -SJK

I just wanted to let you know that I love this product!! It works better for me than anything I have ever used to relax and fall asleep; completely takes away stress and anxiety; doesn’t allow my mind to wander and become consumed with life issues and events. I’ve only taken it before bed, falling asleep has been my main issue. I’ll be interested to see how if affects me during the day should a time come that I feel the need to use it. Thank you for Peaceful Heart!!